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- Spruce Creek date has changed to September 3 (Endurance) and September 4 (CTR).

- Boggy Creek benefit ride will be an endurance ride this year.

- The FHA/SEDRA Rookie Clinic will take place on October 1-2 and will be held at Renab Ranch.  More information to follow.

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President's Corner:

March Newsletter

     A special board meeting was called on March 1st at 7:00 P.M. to review and discuss the failed drug test that occurred at the FHA 25/100, which was held at Bronson, Fl. February 12-14th of 2016.

     At the time, Tom was the SEDRA Drug Representative.  A number was randomly pulled by the Ride Steward, and the blood sample was sealed, intact, and delivered to U.F.

     When the rider was told that her horse was randomly selected to be drug tested, she voiced her concern that he (the horse) might not pass the drug test. (Unfortunately, she was correct.) The horse tested positive for Banamine. The individual involved was Jody Morone, and her horse number was 45.  She participated in the 25-mile ride on Sunday, and it was also her first ride.  She is not a SEDRA member.

     At the board meeting, SEDRA rules were discussed, and the Board agreed to comply with the consequences of a 1st time offender.  Therefore, both horse and rider were disqualified, which of course, eliminates completion; it’s also listed as a DQ on the website.

     A letter was sent to Ms. Morone making her aware of the disqualification concerning the failed blood test. (Please see letter)  As of yet, she has not responded.  She is also suspended from all SEDRA-sanctioned competitions for the remainder of this ride season.  Any repeat offense will permanently bar her from SEDRA-sanctioned rides for life.  Also, Ride Managers of SEDRA sanctioned rides of the remainder of this season will be notified of the illegal drug use.

Maria Florkiewicz

SEDRA President