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Welcome to the new SEDRA web site!

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Welcome new members:

April Alonso, Neil Olenych, Owen Olenych, and Brooks Prater

- Lots of rides on the calendar!  Visit Ride Calendar to see the full list. 

- Cross Florida Greenway acknowledged our contribution and support for efforts that were captured in Best of America by Horseback.

- You can now join SEDRA online and pay via PayPal.  Go to Home-->Forms-->Membership.  The Lifetime Equine Nomination form and Endurance Ride Sanctioning form are now available online, and other online forms will be available soon.  If you prefer paper forms, go to Home-->Forms and when the Forms tab turns yellow, click on it.


President's Corner:

“Happy New Year” to everyone in SEDRA.  And, I hope everyone had a very “Merry Christmas”.  My original plan was to write a newsletter after each BOD meeting.  However, my “little mishap” in August temporarily propelled me into a different direction.

This really is an exceptional BOD!   Lindsay and her committee did a phenomenal job drafting the general criteria for SEDRA Special Awards and Hall of Fame.  These are not rules, but clarification of criteria.  She put a lot of work into this project; it’s not easy getting everyone to agree on verbiage. Thank-you Lindsay!; and, of course her committee members: Carol Thompson, Megan Davis, Stephanie Sutch, Jackie Baker, Mary Nord, and Leah Greenleaf. 

Carol T. (our Award’s Secretary) is working to secure a place for our end of year banquet.  The tentative date is June 25th.  (last Saturday in June)  If Black Prong is not available, other venues will be discussed.  As always, our goal is to provide Education across all levels from Intermediate to Advanced riders.  Therefore, we are discussing certain speakers for the banquet.  Some of the names that have been mentioned are: Jeannie Waldron and Sherry Ridgeway.  Carol T. and Kim H. have a list of potential speakers that we will review. 

Important Points:

The topic of Reciprocity was discussed.  In order to buy miles retroactively, the rider has to be a member of SEDRA.  Miles can’t be bought prior to 1983 because SEDRA didn’t exist.

It’s the Ride Manager’s responsibility to obtain Coggins information. Ride Managers are now having the riders put the accession number on the entry form, which needs to be kept for 2 years.

Lindy, (chairperson of the Public Relations Committee) and member Carol T. did an exceptional presentation on horse hydration at the “Best of America” by horseback. This article will be put on the website.  Doug Shearer has done an outstanding job preparing these trails for this event.  SEDRA sponsored this event, and we received a thank-you letter from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Vicky Thompson organized and put on another great clinic. Thank-you Vicky!

Carol T. is currently working diligently with Norma Caron updating the rule book.  This is not an easy task.  We’re hoping to have the General Membership vote on these changes at the annual membership meeting.

Please remember, if anyone wants to change a rule or propose a new one, proposals must be in writing and presented to the BOD for review.  If the BOD approves, the membership will vote at the annual meeting.

Jo has done an exceptional job with the website.  This was a monster she tackled, and she handled it with a smile.  Every suggestion given, she managed to comply graciously. Thank-you Jo!; and, a Special thank-you to Caren Stauffer for her efforts throughout the years.

Lindy has stepped into the popular Corresponding Secretary’s position, which is not an easy task.  She can definitely multi-task!  She not only records the motions, she is able to record the discussions with everyone talking at once. This is not easy, and she still manages to highlight the important points.  Thank-you Lindy!

Kim, I believe has the most difficult job.  She has a knack for details, and is able to simplify numbers for all of us to understand.  Once again, because of Caren’s commitment to SEDRA, the transition from Caren to Kim had minimal flustering. We are appreciative for Caren’s job in the past, and we are equally appreciative for Kim stepping up. Thank-you Caren!  Thank-you Kim!  The torch has passed.

If anyone has something that you would like to address, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other board member.

I am honored to be president of SEDRA, and I am equally honored to be supported by such a great board.

Maria Florkiewicz

President 2015-2016