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                             Ahmed Almazrou



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Hello Fellow SEDRA Members!!

Time is flying by, as we are currently in our 2016-2017 SEDRA ride season.  

The 2015-2016 ride season was good for some, and for some of us, we are

hoping this season will be better.

Lack of communication has been an issue this year, which is the reason for

this mail out and the mass email. We want to make sure all members are getting

the much needed information about the rules, the policies, the recently implemented Special Awards and Hall of Fame Criteria, and of course the website.

Our first Board of Directors meeting was July 30th, and at that time, the majority of the Board voted to hire Ocala Web Design to rebuild our website.  We are hoping to go back to our old domain of So, please have patience; this process will take about 4-8 weeks.  However, our current site will remain until the new site is ready.  Communication through our website is extremely important in order for us to continue with our mission statement. The website is, and has been a “Massive Effort” for just one person. Caren Stauffer is applauded for managing the website for 10 years. She definitely earned her lifetime membership from SEDRA, and of course, Jo Harder has earned a huge thank-you from everyone this past year.  Last, but not least, our appreciation extends to Teri Hunter, who established the SEDRA website and worked on this project with Caren for about a year.

Each Committee Chair has been selected with the exception of the Appeals Committee and the Judges and Judging Committee Chair. Wes Maillard has done a wonderful job as the Chairman of the Judges and Judging Committee for the last several years and is commended.  The Appeals Committee is only active if there is a protest and it goes to appeals. We are always looking for volunteers. If anyone is interested in chairing either the Appeals Committee or the Judges and Judging Committee, please contact me or any Board member.

I want to thank the entire BOD and all SEDRA members for your support and patience this entire year.  I guess, “Patience is a virtue,” as long as it’s coupled with success.

Maria Florkiewicz
SEDRA President